Monster University

Monster University-

Monstars Uni

A prequel arriving after 12 years Monsters, Inc. from 2001. The story hinges around how Mike (voiced- Billy Crystal) and Sulley ( voiced- John Goodman) met in college as freshman. Their ultimate goal is to get a job in Monsters Inc. on the “scare floor”. Mike and Sulley were compelled to enter the scare game- a contest among all the campus fraternity houses.

The good news is, the Pixar crew has put the story arc as simple and a perfect comedy with nuanced jokes including fantastic characterization. It has real good graphics.

Kids who come to watch the film should take it happily without knowing Monsters Inc. It does include few scenes of monsters trying to scare kids and Pixar had done a good job in matching the character and voice. As in every Pixar film , it takes you to a different world, Monster University leads straight into the past. The animators have lovingly created the creatures and the whole ambience of the film.

The film also has some lessons around ambition. Mike wants more than just to be scary and involve himself obsessively in the task.

It comes with a polished mix of wit and charm.

The less good news about it is that its not different from the average comedy. Its slightly disappointing for the Pixar fans where they not just keep up with the drift- but also anticipate it.

Creative inspiration and innovation are what set the Pixar ventures apart from others but these are elements lacking this time and Monsters University feels like a drama set to release a fill an empty slot in the schedule.

The film depends on known tropes of college life and manners and for moral sake it hymns around virtues of self promotion, teamwork except the fact that all students are monsters in the plot.

The film seem to have invested a lot in frantic action sequences-lot of bullying, fighting and more. Thank you to the Wenatchee Pool Builders for assisting me with writing this article.