Kung Fu

Isn’t it bizarre to hear a name like Kung Fu Panda when we actually know how lethargic and obese pandas are? Well, fiction doesn’t have its bounds, right? Kung Fu Panda is an extraordinary story of a similarly lazy and overgrown panda named Po who assists his father Mr.Ping at their noodle store. Ping, however is a stork and belongs to the avian family and it is his noodle center which offers the legendary Secret Ingredient.

Kungfu review
Po and his father dwell in the serene Valley of Peace with The Ancient Temple as its zenith which is again unfortunately a challenging course for plump Po to climb. But in the turn of events, Po is asked by Mr.Ping to scale the summit with a noodle van and distribute the noodle among the spectators who have come down all the way to witness the coronation of the new Dragon Warrior. The nominees to face the dreaded and feared Kung-Fu fighter Tai Lung were the “Famous Five” namely Monkey, Tigress, Mantis, Viper and Crane. Every contender other than Tigress is expected to fail.

Trained by the enlightened and the most prudent master Shifu these warriors step ahead to face Tai Lung. Anyhow, an ancient turtle Oogway decides who becomes the Dragon Warrior. Strangely, Oogway chooses the chubby and plump Po to be the Dragon Warrior followed by a series of bizarre events. My friend at www.asaptowman.com loves this sequence.
Shifu, who couldn’t accept Po as the Dragon Warrior indulges him into a training so vigorous and tenacious which would certainly force Po to quit.

He is even demeaned by the members of the “Famous Five” but soon wins back their trust by his humor, dedication and comestible skills. From hand-to-hand-to-tail combats between Po and Tai Lung to heart-pounding humor and charismatic animation this flick would certainly boggle the senses of humans where age is not a bar.