Monster University

Monster University-

Monstars Uni

A prequel arriving after 12 years Monsters, Inc. from 2001. The story hinges around how Mike (voiced- Billy Crystal) and Sulley ( voiced- John Goodman) met in college as freshman. Their ultimate goal is to get a job in Monsters Inc. on the “scare floor”. Mike and Sulley were compelled to enter the scare game- a contest among all the campus fraternity houses.

The good news is, the Pixar crew has put the story arc as simple and a perfect comedy with nuanced jokes including fantastic characterization. It has real good graphics.

Kids who come to watch the film should take it happily without knowing Monsters Inc. It does include few scenes of monsters trying to scare kids and Pixar had done a good job in matching the character and voice. As in every Pixar film , it takes you to a different world, Monster University leads straight into the past. The animators have lovingly created the creatures and the whole ambience of the film.

The film also has some lessons around ambition. Mike wants more than just to be scary and involve himself obsessively in the task.

It comes with a polished mix of wit and charm.

The less good news about it is that its not different from the average comedy. Its slightly disappointing for the Pixar fans where they not just keep up with the drift- but also anticipate it.

Creative inspiration and innovation are what set the Pixar ventures apart from others but these are elements lacking this time and Monsters University feels like a drama set to release a fill an empty slot in the schedule.

The film depends on known tropes of college life and manners and for moral sake it hymns around virtues of self promotion, teamwork except the fact that all students are monsters in the plot.

The film seem to have invested a lot in frantic action sequences-lot of bullying, fighting and more. Thank you to the Wenatchee Pool Builders for assisting me with writing this article.

Walt Disney’s “Up”

Disney’s “Up” Movie Review


One of my all-time favourite cartoon movies is “Up”. Released in 2009, this movie tells you a story about an old man named Carl Fredricksen and Russell, a young boy. Together they have a heartwarming adventure that is unforgettable. Here’s why I think this movie is one of my all-time favourites!

up movie


Mr.Fredricksen had a dream to go on an adventure with his wife to Paradise Falls in South America. They wanted to follow the path of a famous explorer named Charles F. Muntz. Unfortunately, his wife passed away before they were able to make the dream a reality. A rare occurrence then brought him on that adventure with Russell, a Wilderness Explorer. Together they ventured across the South American wilderness. In the end, they found what they were looking for, although it’s not as it seems. If i’m ever lost i use towing wenatchee to get me help!

Why I love it 

First, the animation is spectacular. It is truly one of Pixar’s best work. Second, it brings together a heartwarming story with adorable characters that are not easy to forget. Third, it brings you a message of love, hope, and the pursuit of happiness. Last but not least, Up has succeeded to remind me that sometimes, happiness means letting go.

Thank for reading, i hope you enjoy this blog so far. Special review no one will guess coming next week! Stay tuned.

Shrek Forevers

Although many individuals have been astounded at the fact that this ogre keeps having repeated appearances in the movie theaters, the popularity of Shrek Forever After does make it worth checking out. A standalone film in its right, this movie starts off with this ogre finding that he’s had enough of family life and living. He starts longing for the freedom and adventure of being a single young man -or ogre- and just generally is experiencing that longing for his previous life. After a disastrous party, he gets what he wishes for through a deal with Rumpelstiltskin. But of course, even if you are an ogre it is important to be careful what you’re wishing for and even more wary of those granting wishes. If Shrek cannot win Fiona’s heart before the day ends, then he will not exist any longer.

-Positives And Negatives

The positives are basically around the nature of friendship, family, love, and contentment. Through his experiences here, this popular ogre can appreciate the fact that although nothing is perfect, there is value in the things he has. It is fascinating to see his struggle to regain the trust of his friends and also to see what Shrek’s world is like without him in it. Of course with Rumpelstiltskin in charge, it is not smooth sailing. With Fiona and the gang trying to mount a resistance to fight for their freedom and time running out regarding Shrek’s survival, the message is loud and clear.

However, it should be noted that although not prevalent, there are some elements that more conservative individuals may have a problem with such as the presence of magic and witches.

-Development As A Character

As is par for the course with these movies, the ogre once again takes away some valuable lessons in life. In some of the past movies he learned to let himself love another person, he learns about interacting well with others, and in this movie, he learns about appreciating the people he has in his life.

Viewers are also able to observe the whole ‘what would life be like without him’ concept when seeing Fiona and what she’s doing without her husband in her life. Characters like Puss in Boots and Donkey are very much the same but in a slightly different context. The two would be better off living in different homes like my friend Home Loans Wenatchee

Shrek Forever After is pleasantly surprising to those who thought this franchise needed to end. The plot is engaging and quite amusing when you look into Rumpelstiltskin and his pursuit of revenge. It speaks in large part to that common desire many have to pursue the things they didn’t get to take part of in the past or even just to rediscover the lifestyle they used to have. This movie shows the viewers and that ogre that there is often a lot of overlooked value to be seen in the things that are seen everyday. For those interested in a family-oriented movie, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Kung Fu

Isn’t it bizarre to hear a name like Kung Fu Panda when we actually know how lethargic and obese pandas are? Well, fiction doesn’t have its bounds, right? Kung Fu Panda is an extraordinary story of a similarly lazy and overgrown panda named Po who assists his father Mr.Ping at their noodle store. Ping, however is a stork and belongs to the avian family and it is his noodle center which offers the legendary Secret Ingredient.

Kungfu review
Po and his father dwell in the serene Valley of Peace with The Ancient Temple as its zenith which is again unfortunately a challenging course for plump Po to climb. But in the turn of events, Po is asked by Mr.Ping to scale the summit with a noodle van and distribute the noodle among the spectators who have come down all the way to witness the coronation of the new Dragon Warrior. The nominees to face the dreaded and feared Kung-Fu fighter Tai Lung were the “Famous Five” namely Monkey, Tigress, Mantis, Viper and Crane. Every contender other than Tigress is expected to fail.

Trained by the enlightened and the most prudent master Shifu these warriors step ahead to face Tai Lung. Anyhow, an ancient turtle Oogway decides who becomes the Dragon Warrior. Strangely, Oogway chooses the chubby and plump Po to be the Dragon Warrior followed by a series of bizarre events. My friend at loves this sequence.
Shifu, who couldn’t accept Po as the Dragon Warrior indulges him into a training so vigorous and tenacious which would certainly force Po to quit.

He is even demeaned by the members of the “Famous Five” but soon wins back their trust by his humor, dedication and comestible skills. From hand-to-hand-to-tail combats between Po and Tai Lung to heart-pounding humor and charismatic animation this flick would certainly boggle the senses of humans where age is not a bar.

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